We have arrived!

by AmyBroad

Right up until I was saying goodbye to Mum and Dad at the airport it didn’t really feel like we were actually going to leave and go travelling. The weeks before we were mostly just trying to sell the majority of our furniture and organising moving out of our flat. It seems that most people decide to go travelling after college or university, before having a flat full of furniture!

Facebook Marketplace came in so handy and most things got snapped up pretty quickly, I would definitely recommend using it if you have anything to sell and you can’t be bothered with the early wake up of a car boot! However beware of buyers that promise they will collect and never turn up. Someone had agreed to buy our sofa, probably the most important item to get rid of, they had let me know that they were about to leave to pick it up and never heard from them again. It is so unbelievably frustrating when someone ignores your messages asking them if they are coming, so I ended up sending an annoyed message telling them how I felt. I think it was called for! Luckily someone else came the next day!

We are very lucky that our lovely parents had space for us to store some of our things, and gave us a place to stay after we moved out the flat. As THE day came around we were getting excited, but still didn’t really contemplate that it was happening. But after an emotional goodbye at the airport, it was happening!

My first long haul flight was better than expected. Jack managed to get six hours of sleep, I only got 3. Not very fair seeing as though I’m usually the sleepy head out of us! Bangkok was our first destination, and we headed straight to Khao San Road as it was so close to our hostel, wouldn’t say it was my favourite place. But you have to take it as it is, and accept that people will constantly try to harass you with their products! Although so far that happens in most places and we seem to be getting used to it.

We are currently in Pattaya visiting family, and we much prefer it so far to Bangkok! It is drastically more chilled, which I’m a big fan of. We will slowly be heading to Chiang Mai in the next few weeks, so if anyone has any tips let me know!

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Lesley 1st October 2018 - 1:38 pm

Pattaya walking street at night is just as mental, just sit in a bar and people watch, it’s the best entertainment πŸ˜‚, enjoy your time with your aunt, loving the blog 😘😘xx

PS if you get a chance Kamala Beach is nice in Phuket x

Pippa 1st October 2018 - 3:56 pm

Hi Amy and Jack,
So pleased that you enjoyed your stay in Pattaya. Wish you could stay longer but we know that you are going to embrace each new adventure as it happens. The night market in Chiang Mai is a must. Xx