I’m a little less of a wimp now!

by AmyBroad

It is so weird to think we have been travelling for nearly three months and it is nearly Christmas! For the first time in my life I actually have a tan and I am loving it! We are both thoroughly enjoying travelling and looking back now to when we first flew out I feel that we have definitely adapted to the lifestyle. I am a massive wimp when it comes to most things in life, especially any bugs or wildlife. I even have a fear of butterflies! But I feel like I am less bothered now. In Thailand we stayed in a bungalow made out of wood with loads of gaps and holes in the floor and walls and I was terrified when it came to bed time. I had to cuddle up to Jack just to feel safe, and any weird noise would have to be investigated. Now, if I feel a little tickle in the night I know it’s probably just an ant or something tiny. Ants are everywhere here by the way! Or the weird noises are usually just geckos chilling on the wall. Don’t get me wrong though, if it was a snake or massive spider in the room I wouldn’t be going back to sleep. The only other creature we have had in our room so far was a rat. We were staying in a wooden hut right on the beach and forgot that we had a half eaten packet of cookies in our room before we went to sleep, and woke up to the rat trying to eat them! We also had bed bugs in the same place, was lovely!


None of the other places we have stayed had bed bugs, although our standards for a good room have definitely dropped since being here. There are four things for us now that make a room great; the most important is probably good wifi, a soft bed as most of them are rock solid here, air con and an alright shower. So many places we have stayed in don’t think to put any hooks anywhere, it frustrates me so much! Where are you supposed to hang wet towels?! Also, if breakfast is included in the price of the room most of the time you just have a choice between the different ways an egg can be cooked with a bit of bread on the side. I got sick of eggs very quickly.

We do have a bit of routine, we usually try and get up at a reasonable time and explore in the day, maybe go back for a chill in the afternoon before heading out to dinner. Then straight back to watch something on the laptop before going to bed. Only occasionally do we go out for a drink, I’d just much rather spend the time all cosy in bed. We met a guy from England one night at the place with the bed bugs on the beach who had been drinking all day, and then would wake up and drink some more. All the rest of the nights we were there he would ask us if were going to the parties, and we would just say that we were going to stay in that night, just have a chilled one. I just found it pretty funny that he probably hadn’t had a chilled one for a long time, but that is every night for us. I wouldn’t change that though, I am 100% someone that needs time to relax and unwind, and also I get horrible hangovers so it would ruin the next day!


We are currently in Ho Chi Minh City, our first stop in Vietnam. Crossing the road is pretty interesting, you just have to find a tiny break between the hundreds of bikes and start walking whilst trying not to stop as that just makes things harder. Bikes even use the pavement as another lane, so even when you aren’t walking on the road you need to be careful. It’s great fun though watching all the near misses and the roundabouts where no one gives way to anyone. We definitely won’t be hiring a moped here, but we have used Grab Bike which are moped taxis that take you round the city.


When we travel from place to place driving through rural areas I always find myself looking out the window of the bus and thinking how lucky we are to have been born where we were. So many people live in houses made out of metal sheets on the side of the road, and kids run around without any clothes on. Despite this most of the people we have come across have been so friendly and welcoming. All of the kids are so happy to see you and run over waving and saying hello, wanting to hear you say it back.


It is very hard to feel Christmassy here, the only times that I do are when I scroll through Instagram or Facebook and something festive pops up. We have no idea where we will be on Christmas day yet, or what we will be eating. I’m not holding much hope for a traditional Christmas dinner!

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