How to Recover from Travel Burnout

by AmyBroad

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Believe it or not, travel burnout is very common amongst backpackers. I first experienced it just over four months into our travels, and I was surprised to learn that my partner was feeling the same way. We had just got to a hotel after a six hour bus journey, which hasn’t been the longest by far, but we were both tired, fed up and not at all feeling inspired about the rest of our travels.

After months of re-packing our bags and moving to a new place every couple of days, it was taking its toll. We were losing our interest in seeing new places and just wanted to stay in our room and hibernate.

So I have come up with a few tips that have helped me recover from travel burnout and will hopefully help you too!


By far the best way to recover from travel burnout is to find an airy and comfortable apartment to stay in for at least a week. From the moment we booked our place I instantly felt a little better knowing we would have some time to recoup in a relaxing environment. Our apartment was equipped with a kitchen, and the building had an infinity pool and a gym! We were so excited to be able to buy and cook our own food, and to be able to wake up and have breakfast without having to get ready for the day! It was also getting frustrating to have to rummage through our backpacks every time we wanted something, so we couldn’t wait to be able to unpack our stuff for once!

The best place to find a comfortable apartment that is good value for money is Airbnb, we found a one bed studio apartment in Kuala Lumpur with a kitchen for just £24 a night!

Sunrise over city of Kuala Lumpur


You’ve found yourself a nice apartment, make sure you utilise this opportunity and relax! Whether it may be reading a book, watching loads of Netflix or chilling by the pool. Personally, I need a bit of chill time most days be it back at home or whilst travelling. After spending the day seeing the sights it is essential that we either spend the evening in our room or have a couple of hours to ourselves before we head out in search of dinner. But during our burnout break we spent most of the day chilling in our apartment and I felt a lot more refreshed for it.

Another great way to feel more like you is to head to your nearest shopping mall, maybe buy a few pieces of clothing or something you’ve needed for a while. Usually the malls have a cinema on the top level, seeing a film is a great way to escape the city.

Comfy bed


Spending a longer time in one place means you don’t have to cram in all the things you want to do in a couple of days. Instead maybe do one or two things in a day and spend the rest of your time relaxing. By the end of your stay you may even have run out of things to do on your list. After a couple of days not getting up to much, you may even get bored and feel excited to move onto your next destination!

Tidy desk


Once you have had a few days relaxing and the end of your stay is coming up, spend some time researching your next destination. There are so many travel blogs out there that hopefully you will get inspired and won’t want to wait any longer to explore!

Feet on a road

I am so glad that we took a week out of constant travel to give ourselves time to relax and recoup, we both feel a thousand times better for it and we are really excited to reach Singapore! And I’m also a little excited to think that we might do this again in a few months.


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