Top Things To Do in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

by AmyBroad

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When researching places to visit in Malaysia, the Cameron Highlands seemed like a must. The peaceful rolling hills of the Tea Plantations drew us in. And whilst the area is beautiful and there are a good amount of things to do, we were shocked at how busy it was! Some of it would have been due to the Chinese New Year, but there was a constant traffic jam leading up the mountain. Even though it was busy I am glad we went, so here is my guide on things to do in the Cameron Highlands.


We decided to book just a half day tour, as we have learned that we are always extremely tired after a full day! The price was just RM45 with the tour lasting from 8.45am to 1.45pm, and we were driven around in an old school jeep!

Numbered below are the activities that were included on the tour.


For our first destination we stopped half way up the mountain on the side of the road for a photo opportunity of the gorgeous rolling hills. This was the perfect time to do this as a few hours later on the way down the mountain the traffic was moving extremely slowly!

Beautiful views at the tea plantation in Cameron Highlands


After a short walk to the observation tower on Mount Brinchang, and once you have snapped a few photos, you will be taken to the Mossy Forest! This was by far our favourite part of the tour. Our guide took us on a half hour walk through the forest talking us through the flora that grows there. It was strange walking through as the moss on the ground made it feel so spongy!

Top Tip: If you are visiting the Mossy Forest without a tour, do not go by the map on TripAdvisor. From this map it looked like it was just by our hotel, but it ended up being right at the top of the mountain!


We then had the chance to try the tea grown at the tea plantation in their cafe, they had so many different varieties of tea and lots of other tasty goodies! They also run a quick informative tour of their factory, explaining all the different stages of the tea fermenting process.

Our jeep in Cameron Highlands


This was a stop which not everyone on the tour took part in as we had to pay the entrance fee ourselves. But it was pretty cheap and I felt determined to overcome my fear of butterflies, which started when I went to a butterfly house in Tenerife! I realised that I’m not scared of them out and about in the wildlife, but just when I’m stuck with hundreds of them in a small area!

Butterfly farm in Cameron Highlands


By this point we were both pretty tired and we weren’t very enthusiastic about the Strawberry Farm shop, seeing as though they are grown at home too. But we did buy some strawberry chocolate which was delicious! We were pleased to make our way back to our hotel by then!

Strawberry farm at Cameron Highlands


If you have some time to kill whilst in the Cameron Highlands you can take a half an hour walk to the Time Tunnel Museum. It was a collection of historical Malaysian items mixed with a massive accumulation of vintage enamel signs and collectable items. It took us about 15 minutes to work our way through, but worth a look if you are stuck for things to do.

Time Tunnel museum in Cameron Highlands


About a ten minute walk from the Time Tunnel Museum we saw a sign for Cactus View. Having no idea what it was we decided to take a look, it seemed to be like a garden centre where you can buy flowers and plants. We had fun looking at all the weird and wonderful cacti!


Due to the Chinese New Year when we got around to looking for somewhere to stay, most places were booked up and what was left was extremely expensive. The main town where the bus dropped us of was Tanah Rata, where there seemed to be lots of amenities for backpackers.

We ended up booking our stay in the other town of Brinchang at Parkland Hotel, which have spacious, comfortable rooms at a reasonable price. It ended up being really handy staying here as all of the activities were either in the town of Brinchang or just outside.

If you do stay in Brinchang you can grab a taxi from the bus station in Tanah Rata, as Grab isn’t available in the area.


We were sad to realise that Grab wasn’t available in the area! But there is a taxi rank at the bus station in Tanah Rata or one opposite KFC in Brinchang if you are wanting to travel between towns. However once you are in your town, the restaurants are all within walking distance, and if you book a tour to see the sights they will drive you around anyway.


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