Orangutan Trekking in Bukit Lawang, Indonesia

by AmyBroad

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I have always loved orangutans, but never thought that I would ever get the chance to see them in the wild. But when we read an Indonesian travel itinerary blog which included a jungle trek in Sumatra, we knew we had to book on the same tour! TrekSumatra is the company we went with and they run a whole range of tours from three hour treks to even five day treks! 

We ended up going for the one day trek, I didn’t fancy camping out in the jungle overnight! If you are interested in booking this tour keep reading to hear our experience.

Orangutan in the jungle, Bukit Lawang


Our flight from Singapore arrived in Medan at about 3.30pm. We were met by someone from TrekSumatra who drove us three and a half hours to Bukit Lawang, which was included in the price. We really appreciated having a private car, and they were happy to pick us up at anytime when our flight was arriving. It was about 8.30pm when we arrived and we were very tired from the days travelling! We briefly met with the manager, Gigin, who was so kind and helpful, before we went to sleep for the night!

Orangutan in the jungle, Bukit Lawang


We were up at 8am ahead of the main event! We had a lovely breakfast at our hotel, making sure we had enough to give us all the energy we would need for the trek! At 9am one of our guides met us at our hotel and we walked about half an hour to the edge of the jungle to pick up our other guide. 

Thomas monkeys in the jungle, Bukit Lawang

We had only walked another half an hour before spotting our first few orangutans! They were semi-wild and known to the guides, but we couldn’t believe how close we were to them. There was a mother and her baby of a few years old. We watched them for a while whilst our guides gave us loads of information about them. Before our morning fruit break we also spotted a group of Thomas monkeys and a wild male orangutan! Our guide tried to get us in the best spot possible to see the male as he was still quite a distance away from us. 

Orangutan in the jungle, Bukit Lawang

We then found a shady spot for a break and the guides took out a whole array of fruit from their backpacks, I had no idea they were carrying it all that time! And there was me just carrying a water bottle and a rain jacket. Before lunch we were even lucky enough to see another group of semi-wild orangutans. This time a mother and her ten month old baby clinging onto her fur whilst sleeping, along with her older child too! They weren’t scared of coming close to us, only one metre away, they even came onto the jungle floor a couple of times. Every time I look at the pictures of the baby I still can’t quite believe how cute it is!

Orangutan in the jungle, Bukit Lawang
Orangutan in the jungle, Bukit Lawang

After a filling lunch we trekked back towards the town and made a short stop at the bat cave. We went in a little way but as we were so tired from six hours of trekking decided to go back to our room and crash out! 


The standard tour package didn’t include transportation back to Medan, so we opted for the deluxe package which also meant our breakfasts were included too. We were able to choose what time we were taken back to the city, so we were able to have a much deserved lie in!

Orangutan in the jungle, Bukit Lawang

If you are heading to Indonesia I would highly recommend you book a tour in Bukit Lawang. This was definitely the highlight of our South East Asia trip! Usually when we book a tour we are in a group of between 20-30 people, but this tour was just the two of us and the two guides. This made it even more enjoyable as we didn’t have to keep up with the pace of the group, we could ask for breaks whenever we were tired and we had the guides at our full disposal to answer any questions we had. Everyone we met who was a part of TrekSumatra were so friendly and welcoming, and the one day trek wasn’t too demanding if you aren’t the biggest fan of trekking. 


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Wow what a brilliant experience would love to do this, that baby orangutan is beyond cute xx

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