Signs You Should Take a Break from Travelling

by AmyBroad

It has been nearly a whole month since my previous blog post, and I am finally feeling a little inspired again to get out the laptop and write something. The whole reason I started this blog was to document our travels in my own words whilst also being a good way of updating our friends and family. But seeing as though we ended our travels in South East Asia and flew over to New Zealand to set up a base for the next few months I haven’t felt that same excitement. So I thought I would share our story on why we felt it was time to end our travels in Asia and head to a more permanent destination. I hope that if you are reading this and feeling the same way it can help you make this big decision…

We hadn’t planned on flying to New Zealand for another few months yet, but we both found ourselves uninspired to explore new places and fed up of moving around every few days with our big bags. We had spent five months travelling through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, back to Thailand, down to Malaysia, Singapore and then to Indonesia. We had also planned to carry onto The Philippines, then to Taiwan and Hong Kong and then finally to New Zealand. Even though we had absolutely adored those months, we were both really looking forward to getting to New Zealand and settling down for a little and were only really carrying on travelling around to get to that end goal. We definitely weren’t in the right head space to do those next destinations any justice.

A Lake on the way to Queenstown from Christchurch

For the first four months of travelling we would embrace every town and country and spent as much time as we could outside taking in the culture. I never thought I would embrace and love travelling as much as I do, and our experiences has really sparked an urge to visit so many more places in the world. However, by those last few weeks in South East Asia, we missed the energy and excitement we felt when entering a new place. We still made sure we went out and explored but we were feeling pretty burnt out. Even though we had a lovely week in an apartment in Kuala Lumpur, which gave us time to relax and recoup, and helped me carry on for another week or so. I feel like it made me even more excited to soon be able to completely unpack our bags for a while in New Zealand.

So, soon after entering Indonesia we decided to book our flight to New Zealand. Which did mean having to abandon the next few flights we had booked to other islands in the country. We felt really happy with this decision, we didn’t want to just go through the motions and not enjoy what the countries had to offer. We were also getting a little worried that if we carried on, by the time we got to New Zealand we wouldn’t have enough money to buy a campervan and travel around. Luckily for us it wasn’t as big as a decision as continuing travelling or going home. I feel like in that instance we would have carried on, neither of us are ready to go home and get full time jobs just yet. And seeing as though we planned to be away for over a year, I know I would have regretted it. If you have the possibility of going home for a few weeks and then carrying on travelling that would be ideal! And must be how the full time travellers do it!

Christchurch, New Zealand

We will definitely be making our way back to Asia at some point to travel Indonesia and The Philippines. They would be amazing places to visit for a long holiday, especially if we had a bit more money to spend on hotels and food! As for Hong Kong and Taiwan, they would be the perfect places to spend ten days or so as a break in the journey on the way back to the UK. Having been in New Zealand for a couple of weeks, I have learnt that the term ‘The grass is always greener on the other side’ is pretty darn true. I find myself thinking back to the beaches, scooter journeys and the excitement of exploring new places and missing it. But it is no way goodbye forever!

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