35 Binge-Worthy Netflix Series to Watch During Lockdown

by AmyBroad

What a weird/strange/scary time that we are living in right now?! I think COVID-19 is at the forefront of everyone’s minds at the minute, and it has lead to changes in all of our lives. Here in the UK we are in a lockdown of sorts, we are allowed to go out to buy essentials and for one form of outdoor exercise per day. So this has resulted in not only everyone in the UK, but millions and millions of people across the world having to come up with things to keep themselves occupied.

Everyone has their own interests and ideas of fun. I myself have been addicted to playing Animal Crossing on the Switch, like so many others it seems! Some days I have the motivation to adorn my workout gear and do a home cardio session. Other days I just want to sit in bed and not move a muscle all day. I think in this weird time we shouldn’t feel guilty for not being productive. If the only thing you achieve in this time is to catch up on all the Netflix shows that have been sitting in your list forever, that is OK!

So with that in mind I have compiled together all of the series we have watched on Netflix that we have really enjoyed and would recommend to you all. And I have also broken them down into categories, from thrillers that you will want to binge in a day, to feel good comedies. So here is a list of 35 binge-worthy Netflix series to watch during lockdown…

Oh and also keep an eye out for more lockdown, staying at home content coming to the blog soon. Staying at home a lot and enjoying it is a bit of a skill of mine!


1. OZARK – 3 Seasons

Ozark is our current series that we are watching, as season 3 has just been released! All 3 seasons are on Netflix, with 10 episodes in each. The episodes are long, at just under an hour, but this is one of my favourites from this section. I love a thriller, but Ozark is special. The characters are complex, with a couple of new ones each season. There are also moments of comedy which you wouldn’t expect from a thriller.

2. THE STRANGER – 1 Season

The Stranger is a quick 1 season show, with just 8 episodes that you will find hard not to click ‘Next Episode’ again and again. We completed this in just two days, a really easy to watch but gripping British drama.

3. YOU – 2 Seasons

This is one you probably have watched or heard about already. You is based around the main character Joe, who we quickly learn is an obsessive stalker when it comes to girls he likes. He uses the information he gleans from stalking to get closer to a girl, until she becomes his girlfriend. However the clever storytelling doesn’t make you hate Joe, instead you truly want his relationship to work out. But that isn’t healthy behaviour, and things soon become complicated and sticky for Joe. Season 2 was also just as good as the first, maybe even slightly better?! And yay for season 3 coming out next year!

4. STRANGER THINGS – 3 Seasons

This wouldn’t be a Netflix must-sees list without Stranger Things. It doesn’t even really need a description! If you haven’t yet watched Stranger Things, you really have missed out, and you must watch it all 3 seasons during lockdown!

5. BLACK MIRROR – 5 Seasons

Now this is a series that started off as a small British show on Channel 4 back in 2011. And for the last 3 seasons has had a much more worldwide cast and audience since appearing on Netflix. Every episode is completely different, and all are built on different ideas of what could be reality in the not too distant future. Whether the focus is on the consequences of new technology or social media, each episode will no doubt leave you feeling shocked, a little bit twisted and hopeful that it doesn’t come a reality! I would say to start with season 1 and work your way through, but season 5 was definitely a little disappointing!


This one is probably the most horror-like out of this selection, another great Netflix Original.

7. THE SINNER – 2 Seasons

The Sinner is a great one to watch in the next few weeks as season 3 will be making its way to Netflix in May! Both series follow investigations into two different unusual murders, and what is uncovered along the way is far from ordinary.


OITNB is a hefty series to get stuck into, with 7 seasons and 13 episodes in each! But oh my will it be worth it! The first season is mainly based around the main character Piper who finds herself in prison years after committing a crime. Throughout the 7 seasons we get to know so many more inmates and how their lives have led them to prison. It has been widely acclaimed for its depiction of race, sexuality and gender, and it will definitely take you on an emotional journey.

9. UNFORGOTTEN – 2 Seasons

Unforgotten is another great British investigative police drama. Remains of bodies are found and the police of course have to find out what happened, it is a series that will definitely leave you wanting to binge-watch the whole lot!

10. MINDHUNTER – 2 Seasons

If you love watching programs on serial killers then Mindhunter is a show you need in your life. It involves FBI agents interviewing convicted murderers to build a profile to help identify serial killers. It is so gripping, and perfect if you love a bit of true crime!

11. THE CROWN – 3 Seasons

I always have to watch The Crown as soon as a new season is released! It is actually surprisingly great! I love having more of an understanding of The Royal Family and the moments in British history that I hadn’t heard about before. Just don’t take it all as fact though, I think there has been a little creative freedom!

12. DOCTOR FOSTER – 2 Seasons

If you are in the UK, you probably would have heard of Doctor Foster. It was all the nation was talking about when it was on TV. But like so many shows these days, we don’t watch them when they are aired on TV. We are much more into Netflix, when we can watch shows at anytime we want. So we were late to the party with Doctor Foster, but it was definitely worth all the hype!

13. BLOODLINE – 3 Seasons

Another great suspense thriller, based around a large American family who have their own dark secrets that need covering up.

14. NARCOS – 3 Seasons

Narcos is another popular drama on Netflix, which tells the story of how Pablo Escobar met his end in the 90’s. The first 2 seasons are based on Escobar and the 3rd is based on the lesser known Cali cartel.

15. LUTHER – 4 Seasons

Luther is another British crime thriller! Starring Idris Elba as the main character, it is bound to be a good series. Lots of clever plots and some great characters!


16. TIGER KING – 1 Season, 7 Episodes

Tiger King seems to be what everyone has been watching lately! It is a documentary based around a few zoos in America that house big cats, and each owner of these zoos seems just as crazy and eccentric as the other. Make sure to stick with it and watch it through till the end, each episode reveals new far-fetched stories that will definitely take your mind off the current situation in the world!

17. THE PHARMACIST – 1 Season, 4 Episodes

The Pharmacist is a short documentary series that uncovers the horrifying truth about the massive opioid addiction problem in America. A pharmacist in New Orleans searches for the killer of his son, and consequently gathers information to help the FBI crack down on the doctors prescribing obscene amounts of opioid medications. It is a show that you can easily complete in one day, each episode leaves you wanting to carry on to the next!

18. WILD WILD COUNTRY – 1 Season, 6 Episodes

This has been probably one of my favourite documentaries that we have watched on Netflix. It retells the crazy events of what went on in a cult in Oregon in the 1980’s. It really shows how dangerous a cult can be!


19. RU PAUL’S DRAG RACE – 12 seasons

Another absolute favourite of mine, Ru Paul’s Drag Race can always put a smile on my face! Season 12 is currently out, with a new episode being released every week. There are so many seasons that it will take you forever to get through. And there are also 4 seasons of Drag Race All Stars!

20. LOVE IS BLIND – 1 Season

Love is Blind is a recent show to Netflix that everyone was talking about. It is a social experiment, where guys and girls would go on dates but without being able to see each other. They had to create a connection based on just speaking to each other. If they found a connection they had to propose before ever seeing their other half. And in 30 days time it would be their wedding day, where they would marry or not. This was such an interesting reality show to watch, and a surprising number of couples tied the knot at the end!

21. QUEER EYE – 4 Seasons

Queer Eye is perfect if you need a little pick me up! It is the most positive show I have seen, and all members of the Fab 5 are so great!


22. THE END OF THE F***ING WORLD – 2 Seasons

The End of the F***ing world is a dark comedy drama that follows two teenage misfits on their spontaneous road trip to escape their normal lives. There are so many funny but awkward moments, great characters and an all round excellent show.

23. BROOKLYN NINE NINE – 6 Seasons on Netflix, season 7 currently out

I never used to be a fan of Brooklyn Nine Nine, but since watching it from the very beginning in chronological order, I am a convert! Each character is so well developed, and all have their own quirks and humour. I don’t think there has been an episode that I didn’t find funny.

24. SANTA CLARITA DIET – 3 Seasons

This is very much a binge-worthy comedy show! Drew Barrymore is a wife and mother and transforms into a flesh-hungry zombie (the character she plays and not actually Drew herself). But she can still function as a human, she just needs to eat them too! Each episode is nice and short, a feel good escape from reality.

25. THE GOOD PLACE – 4 Seasons

A light-hearted comedy about where we go after our death, to The Good Place or The Bad Place?

26. FRIENDS – 10 Seasons

If you never watched Friends every night after school on E4 multiple times over, then you just need to watch it now!

27. SEX EDUCATION – 2 Seasons

A modern show set in a British secondary school, with lots of American influence that definitely isn’t the norm in schools here! But it is about the sex lives of the teenagers and the troubles they face growing up.

28. AMERICAN VANDAL – 2 Seasons

American Vandal is an absolute gem! It is a tongue in cheek “documentary” about an event that happened at a high school in America. One of the students is expelled for drawing penises on all of the teachers cars. But the question is who really did it? The other students are interviewed and so many of the leads are pretty outlandish. It probably doesn’t sound funny from my rubbish description, it is really a show that you have to watch to understand and find funny. It has definitely been one of the funniest we have watched on Netflix!

29. GLOW – 3 Seasons

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling! A show to watch if you love 80’s fashion and hair-do’s!

30. JANE THE VIRGIN – 5 Seasons

Jane The Virgin is certainly a show that you will need to invest time in! With 5 seasons and about 20 episodes in each, it will take you a while to get through. But it never fails to brighten my mood. It has the perfect mix of comedy and drama that keeps you wanting to watch more.

31. PEEP SHOW – 9 Seasons

A British comedy classic, where you can choose any episode to watch and all are great!

32. LOVE – 3 Seasons

Love is another favourite of mine from this list. Two seemingly very unmatched people meet in LA and build their friendship and become a couple. Both people have their faults, and they have their good times and bad times throughout their relationship. The main reason for my obsession with this show was Mickey. I just loved her character and her sense of style, I even ordered some dungarees from America just from seeing her wearing them in an episode! And I am actually wearing them right now!

33. THE IT CROWD – 4 Seasons

Ah, one of my all time favourite comedies. Even are re-watching the episodes again and again, they always put a smile on my face. Moss is just the best.

34. MASTER OF NONE – 2 Seasons

Master of None was created by Aziz Ansari, the popular comedian, who also plays the main character, Dev! It follows Dev’s experiences with dating, friendships and relationships. I just love Aziz in this, even though he is playing a character it feels very close to his real personality.

35. DEAD TO ME – 1 Season

When two women connect at a support group over their recent losses of loved ones, all of their baggage is revealed. Things become a bit strange and take a dark turn, it is hard to describe this one without revealing too much!

Let me know if you watch any of these series because of my recommendations! Or if reading is more your thing check out my previous four book review posts here, here, here and here!

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