8 Ways To Keep Occupied in Isolation

by AmyBroad

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Here we are in Week 4 of lockdown in the UK, and I am only just getting around to writing a post about how you can keep occupied with all of this time at home. That just proves how unmotivated I have felt, which I think is what a lot of us are feeling right now. But better late than never right?!

Not everyone is used to or enjoys spending this much time at home, not able to socialise with friends and do things that make us happy. So it is essential that we all have a few things that we do enjoy doing at home! I have put together all of the things that I have been doing with my time over the last few weeks, in the hopes that it will give you a few ideas too. Some days I do just play Animal Crossing most of the day, and on more productive days like today I actually feel like writing!


Now is the perfect time to read those books that have been sitting around waiting to be read for some time. Personally, I prefer to spend a few hours at a time reading, rather than little and often. So I have been enjoying spending half a day cosied up with a book. If you are wanting some reading inspiration, I have four previous book review blog posts to give you some ideas. The most recent one is here, and there will be a new one coming up for you at the end of April!


Even if you don’t class yourself as a gamer, there will always be a game out there that you will enjoy. I think the whole world is going crazy over Animal Crossing at the minute, and I have whole heartedly jumped onto that band wagon. Luckily I already had a Nintendo Switch, but people have been buying one just so that they can play Animal Crossing. If you like Sims or simulation games, then I really recommend you try it out. It is a really cute, fun way to escape this crazy world at the minute and create your own paradise island!


This really might not be your cup of tea, but personally I find colouring pretty patterns in a colouring book completely relaxing. You can pop some Netflix or Youtube on in the background, with your next decision being what colour to use next. A great way to escape and make some pretty pictures, some might even be good enough to hang on the wall!

My favourite colouring book is this one full of 1960’s retro patterns!

Keeping occupied in lockdown by colouring


If you want to get your body moving but don’t like cardio, then Yoga is a great way to build strength and flexibility. I choose to watch classes from Yoga with Adriene on Youtube, and usually pick one between 20 and 30 minutes long. I find her videos to be a good beginner level but with some harder moves sprinkled throughout if you want to give them a go. And you get to lay down at the end, which always feels divine!


If you wake up with a little more energy, then why not make the most of that and do some cardio! As a long time loather of any exercise, I have surprisingly been really enjoying cardio. I have been doing a mixture of at home workouts, where I follow a 30 minute Youtube fitness class. Or, and I can’t believe I am saying this, I have been going for runs in the outdoors! Now I only started a week ago, but I am actually finding it enjoyable. I have been starting with a 2km, which for me is an achievement, and will very slowly make my way towards a 5km. So stay tuned for an update on that! But there are so many exercise videos on Youtube these days, you are bound to find something that will suit you!


There must be some shows on Netflix that you have been meaning to watch for a while. So now is the time to get through those on your list. If you are looking for some inspo on what to watch next, I have compiled together a list of a massive 35 Netflix shows that I would recommend. You can read that here!


Who doesn’t love binging on some homemade cakes and sweet treats?! But the struggle here is whether you can get the ingredients. I think flour is a hot commodity right now! I baked some flapjacks the other week, which were so tasty and don’t require too many sought after ingredients!


As most of us aren’t leaving the house much at all, then what better time to pamper yourself as much as you can! Whether that might be soaking in facial oil all day, popping on a face mask every night. You could try not to heat style your hair, or take hour long baths every day. Whatever brings you joy by spending more time on yourself, do it!


Which of these have you been doing in lockdown? Let me know! And if you have enjoyed this blog post, then please pin 8 Ways to Keep Occupied in Isolation to Pinterest!

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