May, June & July Book Reviews

by AmyBroad

Seeing as though it has been three months since my last book review post I thought I would update you all on what I’ve been reading. I usually get through about three books a months, but lately I haven’t really felt like picking up my Kindle. Sometimes I find it hard to get in the zone, I like to be fully engaged in whatever I am reading. Despite that I have still managed to get through seven books in the last few months! There are a few non-fiction options here, but of course mostly fiction. In my opinion they are all worth a read, mostly 4 ratings around here.

I hope you enjoy my May, June & July book reviews, if you ever want to keep more up to date with what I am currently reading, check out my Goodreads account. And as always check out my other book reviews here! Let me know if you have any recommendations for me too.


Dr Richard Shepherd is the UK’s leading forensic pathologist, having performed tens of thousands of post-mortems. He has carried these out on some of the most high-profile disasters of recent decades, and also many lesser known cases. After years of spending most of his time in a mortuary, it has no doubt left an effect on Dr Shepherd. He surprisingly delves into his struggles with PTSD and his personal life.

Yes this book probably isn’t for everyone, what with many truthful yet still gruesome facts about death and murder. But Dr Shepherd didn’t include these bits for the sake of it, he is simply writing about how he came to conclude a cause of death. And when carrying out the post-mortems, he has to look at the facts shown in the body, rather than letting any pre-conceived ideas get in the way. With the nature of the book, it wasn’t one that I felt flowed particularly easily. But once I got into it, I really enjoyed most parts and I think I actually learned a fact or two about the human body! 3/5


Wow, I haven’t sped through a book this fast in a long time. I got through it in under 24 hours! It is a psychopathic thriller that keeps you guessing right till the end. When Libby Jones turns 25, she receives a letter revealing who her birth parents were and that she has inherited a Chelsea mansion. The mansion has been abandoned for the last 25 years, after she was found alone in her cot with three dead bodies in the kitchen.

The story is told through the perspective of Libby, Henry and Lucy, two of the children who were living in the house during its mysterious history. This has been the best thriller I have read in such a long time! 4/5


Set in the 1920’s, Selina Lennox is a Bright Young Thing. A member of an upper class family, who defies her parents wishes by pursuing a life of parties and alcohol. One night she meets Lawrence, a working class painter, and from that point on they engage in a secret relationship. But after a tragic event, she ends up choosing a husband that is good for her reputation but not for her heart.

Although I had to will myself through the start of the book, once it got going I couldn’t put it down. It is a beautiful love story, which is told over two decades. I thoroughly enjoyed this one! 4/5


Queenie is a 25 year old Jamaican British woman living in London. Following a break up with her long term boyfriend, Queenie’s life seems to be spiralling downward. She makes terrible decisions in her sexual partners, and also lets her problems interfere with her career. But with the support of her friends and family, she talks through her life with a therapist and slowly gets her life back on track. This is a story about finding respect for yourself, friendship, family and support. I sped through this in a couple of days, once I got invested in Queenie as a character, I was invested in what happened to her. 4/5


I had heard some hype surrounding this book, so I was expecting good things. Eleanor Oliphant is 30, lives on her own, has been at the same job since university, keeps herself to herself and drinks two bottles of vodka every weekend without fail. It is not until an unexpected friendship comes into her life with her colleague Raymond that she begins to feel that she has been missing something.

For so long she has settled for the mundane, but after opening up to Raymond, her life finally begins to feel positive and worthwhile. Eleanor is unlike any character I have read about before in a book. Her quirks and characteristics are what make this book such a success. 4/5


She Said is the story of how Jodi and Megan broke the story of Harvey Weinstein and sexual abuse with the New York Times. From the very beginning of the article, meticulously researching the rumours and pay-outs that had occurred over the past few decades. And the mounting pressures they faced before publishing. We all now know what has happened to Harvey Weinstein. But the reporters could have never predicted the impact of that story.

Women across the world came forward with their own stories of sexual abuse, uniting together with the Me Too Movement. The stories of victims are taken more seriously than ever before, with people being held accountable for their actions. But of course there is still a long way to go for the movement. I was particularly impressed with the writing, I was surprised how engrossed I got with it being a non-fiction, documentary style book. A must read! 4.5/5


This is a multi-generational family drama that tells the story of Marilyn and David Sorenson and their four daughters. All who grow up to have their own relationships and problems they have to face. Marilyn and David are still madly in love with each other after all their years, which seems to intimidate all those around them. It sounds a bit plain from the description, but it is an enjoyable read. After about 70% I was wondering if it was going to go anywhere, but it picked up a little and the ending rounded off the book pleasantly.

I wouldn’t go around recommending this book to everyone, as it took so long to pick up, but it is a really beautiful story of hardship, sisterhood and families. 3.5/5

I hope you add a few of these onto your reading list, and if you enjoyed this post please pin it to Pinterest for later reading!

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Lesley 30th July 2020 - 8:54 am

Thanks for the recommendations, definitely want to read four of those you reviewed x

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