Going Back to Work After 2 Years Off – My Thoughts

by AmyBroad

I’ve been back working 9-5.30pm for three weeks now, and whilst it is a way to make a living (is anyone getting this song reference?!) it is definitely a massive shift from what I have been used to for the best part of two years. Since quitting my job in September 2018 to go backpacking, and then coming back in March unable to get a job because of the unexpected pandemic, it has been a pretty long time since I have been in that full-time working routine. In some ways it has been easy falling back into that, but it has also been difficult coming to terms with how little time I have for myself in the evenings. So I thought I would write a post on my small space of the internet, with my thoughts on going back to work after two years off! Which I think is relevant to a lot of people right now, having been furloughed or working from home for the past five or so months.

I’ll start with my positive thoughts, as essentially I am glad to have finally found work after five months of applying. And I do feel very lucky to be in a stable job when we are in very uncertain times.

So, we came back from travelling in March, just before this all kicked off in the UK. The job hunt looked really promising, and I had a few interviews lined up. But one by one, they all got cancelled and the jobs were put on hold. I still kept searching the job sites every day, but there wasn’t anything in the Accounts or Admin sector. So it was just a waiting game really. My days were filled with Animal Crossing, Netflix and loungewear. All things which I love, and I am definitely a home-body. So I was having a great time, but after a few months the need for a purpose and routine was becoming more evident.

That daily routine and purpose is certainly the main positive, aside from the regular income of course. I actually quite like getting out of bed, getting ready for the day and going somewhere other than the sofa. Everyone needs some sort of routine in their life, whether that is getting up to walk the dog, popping out to the shops or going for a run. I feel without it we think more negatively about ourselves, and you can lose the motivation to do anything.

And a regular income means we will finally be able to get on the property ladder soon! We always wanted to get back from travelling and buy our first home, but to get a mortgage you need an income. Which has been delayed by a good few months! But hopefully we are on track to buy over the Winter, if the right house comes along.

We have all been spending so much more time at home since March, which I think has all made us appreciate that time in our own space to relax and recuperate. So going back to full-time work has definitely required adjustments. First of all, getting home at 6.15pm doesn’t leave much time to actually relax in the evenings before having to go to bed. What with cooking dinner, getting lunch ready for the next day, showering and general life stuff. I really do miss having all the time to choose how I spend it. Even the weekends don’t seem long enough before we have to start the week all over again!

This has also meant that my recent leaps and bounds in my fitness have somewhat disappeared. I have only felt energetic enough to run at the weekend, and because of that I can now feel a massive difference in my fitness. I need to make the effort to go out in the evenings after work, but I always feel the need to get cosy after a long day in the office. But this is something I can change, and make the effort to do, so hopefully after a few more weeks at work I will be more used to the routine and less tired in the evenings.

I do cherish my lunch break at work, it is a chance for me to get away from my desk, catch up with any personal emails or messages and get some energy back. My general life admin has slipped so much since starting work, I have no brain space to think about it in the short time in the evenings!

I always had the idea that I could write blog posts in my lunch break, but I am definitely not in the right head space to write cohesive and mildly entertaining sentences at lunch. My aim is to try and write at the weekend, as I do love writing and posting to the internet. I have never been the most eloquent verbal speaker, but I feel like I can showcase my emotions and personality much better through the written word. And it is a chance for me to be creative, since I can’t do that in my job. I hope to post once a week, but that is being quite optimistic, so bear with me!

I would love to hear from any of you who have recently started back at work since the start of the pandemic. And if you are going to make any changes in your life to make more time for yourself. If you are after some good book recommendations, make sure to read my recent book review post here! And if you are still on the job hunt, I found these websites the best to search…Indeed, CV Library and Reed.

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