Let’s Have a Catch Up

by AmyBroad

Wow, ok, it’s been a while since I’ve posted to my blog! I’ve gone from promising one post a week in my Thoughts on Going Back to Work post, to not posting at all since August. I really stuck to my schedule didn’t I! Although, I’m not beating myself up too much, what with working full time and wanting to properly relax at the weekends. And with this year being a bit of a weird one for everyone across the world, I haven’t really felt like blogging.

To try and urge myself to get back into the swing of this, I thought I would start with a brief catch up. Since we are rapidly approaching the end of the year and getting into the Christmas period I feel like I’ve suddenly got so much to do!

Well I guess the biggest reason I feel like there is a lot to sort out, is that we are *fingers crossed* moving into our new house in December!! All being well, we will be living in our home that we own in time for Christmas. Not that the house will be remotely cosy or Christmassy, but it will be ours! Before we went travelling in 2018 we sold most of our furniture, only storing our bed, one armchair and a chest of drawers with my parents whilst we were away. So it will be a very slow process trying to furnish the house! But at least that will make it a lot easier when trying to paint the rooms and sort out the flooring.

With all non-essential shops currently closed due to lockdown until the start of December, that does make shopping for homeware a little tricky. We need pretty much all kitchen utensils and items to cook with. But as long we have the items in the house we need to live, i.e. a fridge, plates, saucepans etc we will be fine for the time being.

So that is our exciting news! It has felt a little like our life has been put on hold for the time being, just waiting to move into our home. Which had been delayed because of COVID, but finally the finish line is in sight and we can’t wait to set up our lives in our own space once again!

That brings me to COVID, the thing that has made 2020 a bit of a write off. It has affected us all in some way, and the UK is currently in a lockdown until the 2nd of December. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if it is extended a little longer than that! I feel like the first lockdown was full of excitement of having more time to do things around the home, taking up a new hobby or just catching up on chill time. It was usually a sunny day, and we all thought after lockdown ended, that would be the end of things.

But oh no, here we are in November and in another lockdown. It has been another hit to small businesses and people working in the retail and travel industries. And I don’t think anyone has welcomed this lockdown into our lives. We are all just wishing that this was over, and hoping our lives can get back to somewhat normal. I’m just hoping things are slightly better in December, so that we can enjoy the Christmas period with our friends and family.

So that is my very brief update, not much to report really apart from the house. I so hope we are in soon! Our solicitors seem to have an endless queue of typing, I would rather just get in there and type the documents up myself! But I guess we must wait, it will happen sooner or later. I hope you are well considering, speak soon!

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