About Me

by AmyBroad

Hello! If you have clicked onto this page it must mean you want to find out a little more about me. So even though I’m rubbish at talking about myself here it goes…

My name’s Amy, I’m now in the later half of my twenties and from a tiny town in Suffolk. In September 2018 my boyfriend and I quit our jobs and boarded a flight to Thailand to start our travels. Before then I had never left Europe, but now we have travelled through eight countries together and are currently working in New Zealand. I have blogged about our experiences travelling and our favourite places, even the not so exciting parts. Like travel burnout, mosquito bites and food poisoning!

So if you are soon flying out to this side of the world and need some inspo or need some motivation to save for your next trip, take a look through my blog posts! Make sure to let me know what you think!